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Capital Classics Intensity 2 Synchro Champs Winner 2017

2CowStars-LogosCapital Classics Intensity from Washington Park Ice Arena in Jefferson, Mo., went home with the Boyd Weitecter Tropy at the conclusion of ISI Synchronized Championships, held March 31 – April 2 at RecPlex Ice Arena in Pleasant Prairie, Wis.

Capital Classics was one of 58 teams that competed in the 21st annual event. The competition drew almost 600 skaters ages 3-74 from 10 states and 23 rinks.

Special thanks and appreciation go to the staff and volunteers at RecPlex Ice Arena for make this year’s event memorable.

Synchro Champs includes seven event categories: Synchronized Skating Team, Synchronized Skating Compulsories, Synchronized Formation Team, Synchronized Formation Compulsories, Synchronized Advanced Formation Team, Synchronized Open Skating Team and Synchronized Dance Team. Synchro Champs also caters to eight age groups: Tot, Junior Youth, Youth, Senior Youth, Teen, Collegiate, Adult and Master.

In addition to three days of competition events, Synchro Champs also features the annual Synchro Showcase exhibition showcasing impressive performances, selected throughout the competition, as well as special guest skaters.

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