recreational ice skating
Competitors’ Corner

Be Prepared Before You Compete

You are all set to compete in your first competition. You have spent countless hours practicing your program and all ...
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Competition Results & the Bigger Picture

  Do you know that there are basically only five scenarios that are likely to occur during any competition event? ...
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The Healthy Skater: Nutrition 101 for Young Skaters

 by Andrea Sobieraj, MS, CSCS What is nutrition? Nutrition is getting the fuel (like gas in a car) to make ...
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ISI Skater’s Creed

If you’ve ever participated in a national ISI competition, you have probably seen the ISI Skater’s Creed in the program ...
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Pre-Competition — Being Organized Allows for Proper Warm Up

So much of a skater’s time leading up to competition is spent in preparation — choosing the music, choreographing the ...
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Competitors Corner

Competitors’ Corner – Open Freestyle Challenge

Competitors' Corner - Open Freestyle Challenge  by Liz Mangelsdorf | ISI Managing Director How much do you know about this ...
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