recreational ice skating
Competitors’ Corner

Competition Results & the Bigger Picture

  Do you know that there are basically only five scenarios that are likely to occur during any competition event? ...
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The Healthy Skater: Nutrition 101 for Young Skaters

 by Andrea Sobieraj, MS, CSCS What is nutrition? Nutrition is getting the fuel (like gas in a car) to make ...
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ISI Skater’s Creed

If you’ve ever participated in a national ISI competition, you have probably seen the ISI Skater’s Creed in the program ...
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Pre-Competition — Being Organized Allows for Proper Warm Up

So much of a skater’s time leading up to competition is spent in preparation — choosing the music, choreographing the ...
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Competitors Corner

Competitors’ Corner – Open Freestyle Challenge

Competitors' Corner - Open Freestyle Challenge  by Liz Mangelsdorf | ISI Managing Director How much do you know about this ...
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