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Synchro St Louis Diamond Edges WINNER

For the fifth time since 2011, the Synchro St. Louis Diamond Edges have claimed the Boyd Wietecter Trophy at ISI Synchro Champs!  This year’s event, April 8-10, marked the 20th anniversary of ISI Synchronized Championships.

The Diamond Edges were one of 64 teams that competed at St. Peters Rec-Plex, the host rink, in St. Peters, Mo. The event drew approximately 600 skaters ages 4 through 65 from 24 rinks in nine states.


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  1. Synchro St. Louis Diamond Edges      25.0
  2. Kansas City Illusion                              20.0
  3. Capital Classics Team Intensity           15.0
  4. Blade Brigade Silver Long                    10.0
  5. Dublin Dazzlers                                     5.0
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