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Solano Stars
Vacaville Ice Sports

Vacaville, Calif.

Solan Stars Entire Team

About: Solano Stars offers year-round teams for skaters of every age and level. Their youngest participant is 4 years old and their “most experienced at life” skater is 69 years old. Teams practice a minimum of one hour weekly on ice, with additional off-ice practice. They compete in at least four local competitions each year and often times more, plus perform in many exhibition events. They love to travel and make new skating friends wherever they go. One of their proudest accomplishments as a group is winning the overall team trophy at the annual Skate at the Lake competition in Lake Tahoe in both 2014 and 2015.

Overall  Team Coach: Donnarae Tulsky

Team Colors: Royal blue, gold and black

Team Slogan: “Every day is a great day to skate!”

Current Membership: 82


Facebook Page:

ISI National Competitions: 2016 World Team Recreational Championships, 2016 Adult Championships

Solano Stars tots

Tot Formation         

Age: 4 – 9

Levels: Pre-Alpha to Beta

Coach: Amber Turner

Theme: Techno Swing

Highlights: First place at Shamrock Skate in San Francisco


Solano Stars jr youth

Junior Youth           

Age: 8-10

Coach: Shannon LaPoint

Levels: Delta to Freestyle 4

Theme: 60s Dance

Highlights: Undefeated the last two seasons, the team is a very tight group. Most of these girls have been skating together for three years and enjoy many activities together outside of skating.



Age: 8-14

Coach: William Wong & DeDe Messner

Levels: Freestyle 1 – 5

Theme: Patriotic

Highlights: First place at District 14 Skate at the Lake Championships

three years in a row. The team competes two different programs, synchro skating and advanced formation.


 Solano Stars Youth Formation Whitney TeamSenior Youth

Age: 8-17

Levels: Gamma to Freestyle 4

Coach: Whitney Westbrook

Theme: Jazz Hits

Highlights: The newest team, consisting primarily of skaters new to synchronized skating. It is a challenge to compete with such a diversity of ages and levels, but this team makes it work and is undefeated this season!

Solano Stars Masters


Age: 34-69

Coach: Amber Turner & DeDe Messner

Levels: Delta – Freestyle 4

Programs: As many as they can possibly remember!

Goals: Win the team award at ISI Adult Championships

Funny Note: One year, six of nine skaters (and a coach) had a first

name beginning with the letter D. Talk about confusing!

Highlights: “Staying Alive” program from 2013-14. “Be Our Guest” in 2007 — they liked it so much they revived it for this year.

Solano Starts toi copy

Theater On Ice        

Age: 7-14

Coach: Crystal Miller

Levels: Pre-Alpha – Freestyle 5

Theme: Space

Highlights: The Theatre on Ice team provides a great program for synchronized skaters to get experience in performance skills. It is Solano Stars’ biggest group and they have been extremely successful, placing first at every competition they’ve entered this year.


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